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Kristine Rimkus-Krishnan

Kristine Rimkus-Krishnan
Kristine Rimkus-Krishnan
Still Photographer
Kristine Rimkus-Krishnan is an experienced, accomplished still photographer in the Bay Area. She joined Kevin Wing Media+Communications in 2016. When professional, skillful still photography is a project requirement of our clients, the talented Kristine is the one to get it done for us.
Kristine is a professional photographer specializing in event, dance, and corporate/industrial portraiture. Her background as a professional dancer and licensed therapist influences her approach to photography; she puts people at ease in any environment while creating emotive, artistic, and authentic images.
Kristine’s signature artistic process is to enter each session with curiosity and excitement to capture the representation of their passion, hard work, and successes.
She works primarily in Northern California where she lives with her two daughters.